STI PRO SOLUTIONS d.o.o. – Service provider for industry, facility management and construction.

The core business refers to industrial services:

S Scaffolding

T Tracing

I Insulation


Other business activities – pipefitting, welding, prefabrication/assemby of insulation materials for industry, painting works and cleaning



  • ISO 9001:2015
  • VCA* for scaffolding, tracing and insulation for project execution in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as it should be recognized in certain other EU member states (e.g. Germany)
  • VCU* and NEN4400-1 certificates by sister company
  • In progress certification by SCCP and NEN4400-2 of daughter company in Poland
  • Contributor of Sokagerustbau in Germany


Main company data summarized:

  • Income in 2018: approx. 2 million EUR
  • Projected growth in 2019: minimum +100%
  • Average number of employees: 100+ workers in Croatia
  • Educated employees for safety on work (SCC certification)
  • For newly hired employees the company organizes education and technical training by applying highest standards (e.g. training for scaffolding of 2 weeks at certified education centers)
  • Income of employees are over the average income of particular sector, as well as all other work conditions (accommodation, transport, equipment, vacation)


Related persons:

  • Daughter company: STI PRO SOLUTIONS BV
  • Daughter company: STI PRO SOLUTIONS Sp. z. o.
  • Partner company: STIP United o.o.
  • Partner company: STIP United Sp. z. o.



  • BASF, Germany
  • ExxonMobile, Belgium
  • Gunvor Petroleum, the Netherlands
  • Borealis Beringer, Belgium
  • DOW Benelux, the Netherlands
  • Chempark Leverkusen/Uerdingen/Krefeld, Germany
  • etc.




STI PRO SOLUTIONS d.o.o. – Mesnička ulica 7 – 10 000 Zagreb – Croatia – VAT No: HR19077401115
IBAN: HR3824020061100890756 – SWIFT/BIC: ESBCHR22 – MB: 04161688 – MBS: 080885777
Share capital: 20.000,00 kn – Management board: Sara Debeljak – Commercial court in Zagreb


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